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Backstreet Boy Comic

Click on the link below and you can to go backstreetproject. com and watch bsb webisodes, get downloads, news, etc.


Story Preview:

Nick Carter and Stanlee came up with the BSB comic!
The Backstreet Boys were smack-dab in the middle of yet another of their sold out concert tours when suddenly and without warning a spaceship crash landed next to the stadium where they were performing. The Fab Five raced to the rescue of a beautiful alien creature who emerged from the crashed starship. The Backstreet Boys quickly learn that the curvaceous interstellar visitor is on a dire mission to protect the Earth from an approaching alien invasion. The alien gives each of the boys an enchanted amulet embedded with mystic crystals. When our lyrical lads wear the amulets their DNA gets twisted by a virtual genetic cyclone that gives each of them astonishing super powers.


Howie D.

Utilizing the mind-blowing telepathic abilities given to him by his amulet, Howie can project stunning three-dimensional illusions of any item he can think of. You name it: this guy can do it all! Once he pictures an object in his mind he can project anything from a charging rhino to a pepperoni pizza.



Powered by his mystical amulet, Kevin becomes pumped up and as strong as a roomful of weight lifters. Just like a tiny ant that can heft a potato chip that's many times its own weight, Kevin's newfound might grows exponentially, so if he needed to he could lift a 10-ton potato chip or even a Harrier jet.


Thanks to the power infused from his mystic alien amulet, AJ has become the ultimate marksman, adept with any weapon at hand. The way he handles his incredible, futuristic armament, this guy puts the 'sharp' in sharpshooter! Armed with a pair of exotic laser blasters, AJ moves into action with the grace of an Olympic athlete, striking his target with pinpoint accuracy


Brian's amulet power allows him to jump to impossible new heights. You might say that he can leap small buildings in a single bound. On the basketball court he can out slamdunk the combined forces of the NBA without breaking a sweat and his new moves make Michael Jordan seem like Gary Coleman. He can also generate a mystic ball of energy that resembles a basketball.


My buddy Nick draws ancient and arcane Ninja powers from his amulet, which transforms him into an unparalleled martial artist. This guy makes Jackie Chan look like he's stuck in glue. He's got a magnificent sword that's sharp enough to shave the chin whiskers off a housefly. With blinding speed, incredible stealth and tireless stamina, Nick can defeat the fiercest of foes.


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