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This is a quiz to test you to see how much you know about them You can e-mail the answers if you want to see what you got, I'll send it back to you.

1. Who is the middle Backstreet Boy?
2. Who get's nervous before he goes on stage?
3. 9 years of Kevin's life, where did he spent it at?
4.Who stood on a stump and sang his heart out to blades of grass, that he though that were people?
5. Who's the athlete of the group?
6. Who is Frick and Frack? (Tell me specifically)
7. Who's half Irish and half Puerto Rican?
8. Which BSB was thrown from out of his dressing room, with only his pants infront a bunch of girls, by the rest of the members?
9. Which album was released on October 1997?
10. Who is a Libra?
11. Who are the jokers in the group?
12. Who likes to go shopping, going to see movies, and clubbing?
13. Is Howie a professionally trained dancer or a vantriloquist?
14. Who liked English in school?
15. Who has the biggest fear of hights?
16. What are Kevin's secreat nicknames?
17. How long have the BSB been together?
18. Where is there home town?
19. What has been #1 song in much music for about 3 weeks or more, right now?
20. Who didn't get to go to school because of all the traveling in the band? (hint: he was touterd on the road)

I hope you had fun! :)