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Hi people! My name is Erin. I'm 15, Grade 9, I live on a small farm up on the prairie of Alberta, Canada.
I LOVE the Backstreet Boys!! :) My favorite one is Nick. I have 105 particles, stuff in Slovenian (my pen pals Patricia and Jana gave them to me, and posters of them, and all their cds of the boys. I also like to hang with my friends, I like to play a lot of sports, I like to write to my pen pals around the world, listen to music, dance, party, and do what a normal teen likes to do.
I've been a BSB fan for 4 or 5 years now, and going strong! I love the BACKSTREET BOYS to death!!!!!!!!
I have 2 brothers. One is 11 and the other is 18. They're both annoying, but hey, aren't all siblings annoying. So I'm the middle kid. My b-day is July 17, 1985.


This pic above is my school, can you believe it? The attendance is 68 kids from kindergarden to grade 9. So I live in a rural (farm) area. Inside is a long hallway, with classrooms on the side. It's not hard to get lost. Ha Ha!


Fave Movie: The Matrix
Fave BSB: NICK!!!!!
Fave Song: Any BSB Song, Candy, Blue, Thong Song, and more.
Other Fave Music Bands: Marilyne Manson, 98 Degrees, Sisqo, Mandy Moore, and more.
Fave Actors: Seth Green, Mike Myers, Keanue Reevs, Tom Cruise, Freddie Prinze Jr., and more.
Fave Actresses: Julia Roberts, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and others that can't come to mind.
My Nickname: Rin