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Ups and Downs


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Ups and Downs

Here are the BSB's up and downs of their career.


The BSB joined together under the managment of Lou Pearlman (You'll hear more about him on the way).

Their dreams CRASHED! Thier 1st single, "We've Got IT Going On" tanked at the #69 spot on the charts. :*( The Backstreet Boys were not too big in America, yet.

Mr.Pearlman got s new man, who use to be the manager of the New Kids On the Block, Johnny Wright. After that they headed to Europe, they became HUGE, espacially in Germany. The BSB toured through Europe for the next two years, realing on hit song after another, selling out concerts, and collecting fans by the millions.

Now you would think the American fans would of gone crazy for them now, but no way! Each time they tried to air on the U.S. radio stations, they turned away. The Backstreet Boys need another year before the time was right to reach success in their homeland.

Finally in 1994, American fans were ready for the boys! After 3 years of touring over seas, they returned to the U.S. and their single "Quite Playing Games (With my Heart)" topped the charts at #1!!

Four singles and $200 million in sales later, the Boys had falling out with their mananger. They believed that they weren't getting their fair share of profits. "The contracts weren't fair," Kevin complained to Rolling Stone. "And we were kept on the road, and before you know it, two or three years and millions of dollars go by."

And to add, the Boys discovered that N'Sync, their main compitition in the pop market, were managed by none other than Lou Pearlman! "That hurt our feelings," Kevin addmitted to Rolling Stone. "Because for a while it waslike, 'We're a family.' Then all of a sudden, 'It's business, guys, sorry."(how could that happen to the Boys?) We have nothing againsts... that group, personally. It was [Pearlman's] not being honest."

Eventually, the Boys reached to an agreement with Mr. Pearlamn (the terms are top seacret), and signed with a new L.A. based team managers. It's a bran new beginning!

In 1998, the business side was finally done, now it was tragic family problems. When Brain had a heart surgery. Howie's siter, Caroline, died. Kevin and Brian's grandpa also passed away during that year.

"We wern't happy," A.J. told Jam!Music. "We were getting up on stage every night and, me personally, i felt like I was getting up on stage just because I had to."

Up, Up, and Way Up!!

"We've worked very hard on this new album and hope that people enjoy the music as much as they have in the past," Howie said in a online chat. "It's not that we tried to be a more mature Backstreet Boys. We were just trying to set new goals and challenge ourselves musically." Mission totally accomplished! And zillions of fans totally go it. Millennium is teh icing on the cake- as now see- has many layers. Ain't it sweet 'N' tasty?