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101 Ways Why To Love the BSB


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Here is 101 wierd and sain ways why we love the BSB.

1. Because from the moment I heard Brian sing "...when you looked into my eyes..." I was hookeed!!

2. Because we put so much effort into "Keeping the Backstreet Pride Alive" and then they go write a song about that to thank us.

3. Because when people caled them a one hit wonder they just kept "coming back again.'

4. Because Brian jokes about his nostrils, Kevin's eyebrows, and AJ's hair.

5. Because B-rock just cannot resist the urge to randomly say "Hello" to the 1000's of fans waving at him.

6. Kevin so carefully thinks about every word that comes out his mouth.

7. Because Nick "needs me tonight."

8. Because Howie looks at girls' pants.

9. Because Howie gigles when he thanks the fans 1000's of times.

10. Because Kevin scratches his left eyebrow with his right thumb between songs.

11. Because Nick falls down all the time.

12. Because the width of Nick's back is 27 1/2 inches.

13. Because they wanna "have a party!"

14. Because they want to leave their lable because of that other group. (hint hint)

15. Because AJ wore a half-shirt to show us all his "69" tatoos.

16. Because they recongize their band.

17. Because Brian's not affraid to show off Leigh Ann.

18. Because Howie wants bacon, eggs, fried chicke, mashed potaoes,...

19. Because AJ wants to cook up breakfast, lunch, and supper.

20. Because Nick wants to kiss us, kiss us, and kiss us!

21. Because Brian will B-rokin' our house!

22. Because they love their fans.

23. Because they wear tennis shoes with suits.

24. Because AJ insists on wearing sunglasses even if it is pouring rain outside.

25. Because they fight to keep the ticket prices down.

26. Because Kevin constantly reminds us that Brian is his cousin.

27. Because they "might break down and cry just like a chid."

28. Because Howie signs his name with a happy face.

29. Because Kevin signs his name with a peace sign.

30. Because they have puppies!

31. Because they don't use Christmas to make money and only have one Christmas song which was only on a charity album.

32. Because of Brian Littrell Endowmnet fund 33 because of the Caroline Cochran Lupus Memorial Foundadtion.

33. Because Brian's no too "big" to speak at the YMCA.

34. Because they raised 1000's of dollars for the hurricane victims.

35. Because they postponed their show so none of their fans would get hurt.

36. Because they want to find a way 'back to your heart."

37. Because AJ tries to strangle Guido.

38. Because they fly.

39. Because Howie throws white roses to us!

40. Because they're not too big to appear on juice boxes.

41. Because Brian and Nick go together like Frick and Frack.

42. Because AJ got his foot ran over by the van.

43. Because Brian nearly risked his health for us, the fans, and was on stage again only a few months after is major sergury.

44. Because they actually read our signs at concerts!

45. Because AJ and Nick have a facinanation with dumping water all over the stage.

46. Because they almost called the abum "Larger Than Life" but they didn't want people to think that they are high on themselves.

47. Because Brian and Nick play with our stuff animals.

48. Because Kevin modeled for Versace.

49. Because Brian looked like a corncob.

50. Because AJ acts like Madonna.

51. Because Brian acts like Jim Carrey.

52. Because Kevin was once a Ninja Turtle and Aladdin.

53. Because they've "got it going" on for years.

54. Because they were almost called the Flea Market Boys.

55. Because they recorded "The Night With The Backstreet Boys" to prove they were actually talented.

56. Because danced in the rain.

57. Because they all get along.

58. Because Kevin rolle dup his right pant leg at the MTV's Spring Breal 1998 preformance of "Everybody."

59. Because their harmonies brought tears to my eyes when i I heard "Just To Be Close To You."

60. Because they're not typical.

61. Because AJ is my cool/bad boy!

62. Because Brian is my cute boy!

63. Because Kevin is my serious boy!

64. Because Howie is my sweet as honey boy!

65. Because Nick is my HOT/SEXY boy!

66. Because they drink milk.

67. Because Howie and ! both use the same thooth paste (Crest).

68. Because of AJ's sexual nature.

69. Because they play basketball, baseball, golf, and football.

70. Because Kevin was elected in just about everythign in high school and was the captain of his football team.

71. Because Kevin randomly rode a horse through New York City.

72. Because Nick plays it off with a smile.

73. Because they do meet and greets.

74. Because they did their MTV top 40 Videos at a concert.

75. Because they're not perfect.

76. Because AJ embarrasses Howie in public.

77. Because they collect their own memorbilia, have their own scrapbooks, and Howie and Kevin video tape everything.

78. Because Nick collects beanie babies.

79. Because they go to McDonald's like normal people.

80. Because Nick still sings "Lets Have A Party" even though Tommy says it's too high for him.

81. Because Nick is the oe talking in a hair brush and then still calls Howie a dumbass!

82. Because Howie sends out hugs, kisses, and cookies!

83. Because AJ whispers "DAMN! I LOVE YOU!!"

84. Because Brian quotes the Bible.

85. Because even when Brian is being rebellious; he does it in a religious way (his tattoo on his left arm).

86. Because Nick has a hark on his arm and a music note on his back.

87. Because AJ has a tatoo everywhere.

88. Because Howie and Kevin don't have tatoos.

89. Because they spell Millennium with 2 ll's.

90. Because Nick wrote us a message in secret code in the Millennium Thank You's.

91. Because they once locked Nick out of the dressing room only in his boxers.

92.Because they play "QPG" in concert.

93. Because they lose to the band during a food fight.

94. Because Brian and Kevin are from Kentucky.

95. Because Nick is from New York.

96. Because Howie and AJ are from Florida.

97. Because they rule TRL!

99. Because "I Want It That Way."

100. Because "That's The Way I Like It."

101. Because "As Long As There'll Be Music There'll Be Coming Back Again!!"

Here's a bonus why we love the BSB

Because Brian wrote a song for his mom 'cause she's the "Perfect Fan!!!!".