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Rin's Labyrinth
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WAVs and MIDIs....I got them all! There are some thing from the Labyrinth, its self!

Labyrinth WAVS

You're Him

I Wouldn't Do That If I Were You

What Said Is Said

What A Pity

Turn Back, Sara. Turn Back Before It's Too Late

Don't You Like Your Toys?

The Rocks Tooting When They Walk On Them

Don't Go That Way. Never Go That Way

...I Think We Got Them Surrounded

Is that Mine Stomach.....

It's So Stimulating Being Your Head

Smell Bad!!

I Think I'm Getting Smarter. It's A Piece Of Cake

Sarah Reciting The Whole "Through Dangers Untold" at the Beginning Of The Movie

If You Ask The Right Question

You Remind Me Of The Babe...

Prince Of The Land Of Stench

Asking for Sir Didymus' Permission

Old Man And His Speech.

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing Tra La La?

That's Not Fair!

You Have No Power Over Me

You're No Match For Me, Sarah

Nippy Nip Nip

You're Such A Nice Beast

Do You Need Us?

Mumble. Mumble, Mumble! You Know, You Are A Lovely Conversational Companion....

How Do I Get Into The Labyrinth?

That's Horrible! No It's Hoggle.

Hello Headwar. Hogwart. HOGGLE!

...We're Helping Hands....

Call Out The Guards!

Goblins: I Wish The Goblins Would Come And Take You Away...

Sarah, Go Back To Your Room....Forget About The Baby

It's Only Forever. Not Long At All

Just Like I Said, Don't Loose Your Head

Hey, I Just Fired You

I Shall Fight You All To The Death!

....What Do You Expect Fairies To Do?...

Well, The Only Way Out Of Here Is To Try One Of These Doors....

Don't Defy Me

Did She Say It?

Damn You Jareth, And DamnMe Too

Come Inside And Have A Nice Cup Of Tea

It's A Crystal, Nothing More

...Ah...would you listen to this crap?...

Can't Be Right All The Time's that for brain power huh?...

Dangers Untold


Jareth Saying 13 Hours


Shorter Version of Dangers Untold


Little, Cute, Blue Worm

Labyrinth MIDIs

As The World Falls Down


The Beginning to "Underground" (it's the midi on my homepage)


Labyrinth Video Clips

Ludo Calling Rocks At The City

Ok, to be able to watch these next video clips I have, you have to download this program DivX3.20. I also just want to mention, when you download the vidoes, the play much better in Windows Media Player. Just drag the video in the WMP and watch it. If you have this file, good for you! You can just start downloading. Please enjoy these clips! (DOWNLOAD THIS 1ST!)

The Dance Scene With Sarah Dancing With Jareth

Sarah's First Encounter With The Goblin King (Jareth)

The Finale With Sarah & Jareth (Their Last Encounter)

Sarah Looking For Toby In The Escher

I have a few more videos, but I don't have enough room to put them on. So you can contacts me and we can make some arrangements. Or you can go to this address and get them: