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Rin's Labyrinth
Once Forgotten: The Next Labyrinth Legacy


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Just click on the link below and you can read my story. :-D It's RELLY long so it might take a while to read. And it's not quite finished so there will be upadates on it when I add more. But it might be a while since with all writers, we get writers' block.

This is the poem I wrote for my story, so I advise you to read it first. ;-)

My Labyrinth (poem)

Now this is my story. I hope you enjoy reading it. E-mail me your feedback on it, or just say something in my guest book, which is on the bottom of the home page.

"Once Forgotten" the next Labyrinth Legacy

All characters and ideas that were from the movie and in my story were the ideas of Jim Henson. I'm also not getting paid for this. Please do not take this story. I worked really hard and I don't want it passed off saying it was your own. Thanx a bunch! :-)