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Rin's Labyrinth
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Test your noggen on my Labyrinth quiz, so basically see how much you actually know about it. ;-)

(We'll start easy)
1. What is that glass sphere Jareth keeps on tossing back and forth?

2. What are the guards names that guard the 2 doors in that stone maze?

3. What's the name of the teddy bear that Sarah adores?

4. What is the name of the sheep dog Sarah has?

5. What's Sir Didymus' "loyal steeds" name?

6. What was Hoggle spraying outside the walls of the Labyrinth when Sarah first met him?

7. What does the step-mother thinks that Sarah thinks of her?

8. When Sarah is sitting at her mirror putting on lipstick and rehearsing a line from her book, what does she take off her head and slam on the surface of the table?

9. How many crystal balls does Jareth have when he's triwling them around before he sends them off to Sarah so she will be at the ballroom scene?

10. In Sarah's room, what characters does she have in here?

11. What's the poster on Sarah's wall?

12. What does Jareth offer Sarah at the end of the movie?

13. What is Sarah's favourite line?

14. What is Jareth's first appearance in the movie, but us the viewers don't know who it is? (it's a foreshadowing)

15. What did Ludo have in his mouth when he and Sarah were at the door knockers?

16. How did Sarah found that invisible way out of that lane?

17. When was this movie made? What year?

18. How many clocks are in the movie?

19. What are the little peoples' names that flip and turn the tiles that Sarah marked with the lipstick?

(Last but not least)
20. How many Fireies (the orange dudes) where there?


Answers to the Quiz