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For the people who just kind of landed on my site and has no clue what this movie is, here's a summary of the movie.

Well, it all started when Sarah was in a park reciting a few lines in her favourite play/book. A white owl kept on watching Sarah, when she was there (keep this in mind...this is a little bit of foreshadowing in the movie). Any ways, the line she recited that is useful in this is the following:

Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered. I have fought my way here to the castle, beyond the Goblin City, to take back the child you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great. You have no power over me.

Then the thunder storm was coming, so Sarah and her sheep dog named Merlin quickly ran back home in the rain.

When they arrived home, her step-mother met her at the porch. She scolded Sarah for being late because Sarah had to babysite her half-brother, Toby, while her father and step-mother went out for the night. Sarah became furious at her and so she stormed up into her room. When she was at her dresser mirror her father said from the door that Toby was in his bedroom and that they'll be back at around midnight. That was the last straw with Sarah, because he wasn't even really worried for Sarah.

So when she was laying down on her bed, she noticed that her favourite teddy was gone, Lancelot. She knew exactly where it was because her parents would take it and let Toby play with it. She went over to Toby's room and took the bear. The thunder was rolling and the lightning was flashing, so it was upsetting the poor baby. Sarah tried to comfort the screaming child by telling him a story about a girl who was a slave to her parents and that she always had to look after the baby. (Sound familiar?) She went on saying that she asked the Goblin King to take the child away.

Mean while, the goblins were listening. If she said the magic words they coudl take the babe. Sarah yelled the words with the wailing child help up in the air.


But, nothing happened because those weren't the right words. So after she was fet up with Toby, she put him back in his crib. Before she shut the shut teh light off and left the room, she said:

I wish the goblins would come and take you away... (she shuts off the light) right now.

When Sarah was walking back to her room, she noticed Toby wasn't crying, so she went back in. When she went to turn the light on, it wouldn't work. She tried several times and just gave up. So she walked towards the crib where Toby was usppose to be at, and a little cackle came from the blankets that sounded unhuman. She walked cautiously over to the crib and pulled off the blanket.....nothing was there. The white owl that was at the park was banging on the window when lighting and thunder were making them selves be heard. The window burst open and the owl flew in. It then morphed into a man with a long flowing cape, and eyes of almost ice. (This would be Jareth)

At first site, Sarah knew who the stange man was. It was the "Goblin King." She pleaded for Jareth to give back Toby, but he said...

What's said is said.

She said she never meant it, but he never believed her. She asked him where here brother was and he said at his caslte. Suddenly they weren't in the bedroom any more, they were on a hill that over looked the Labyrinth. He asked if she still wanted to go and she replied that she had too. He told her to go back, but she was reluctant and said she had to get Toby back. Jareth instructed her...

You have 13 hours to solve the Labyrinth, or your baby will become one of us forever......such a pitty.

Jareth then disappeared right in front of Sarah. She started on her long and difficult journey that would be ahead of her.

When she walked down the dusty hill, she arrived at the gates of the Labyrinth. Hoggle, a old drwarf, was urinating in a pool of some sort. When he realized she was there, he started spraying fairies. She asked Hoggle how she can get into the Labyrinth, but he was relucant to tell her since she wasn't asking the right question. When she did ask the right question...

How do I get into the Labyrinth?

Hoggle pointed to where the doors were, and they flew open. She thanked him and went through the doors. She looked both ways wondering which way she should go. Hoggle then came in and scared her. He gave her two choices...

Should you go Left or Right?

She decided to go right.

She walked down this never ending lane, then she started to run. She ran and ran for a while down this lane for quite a while. Sarah then got fet up and started hitting the walls beside her. She sat down and leaned back against a wall. She looked over and saw a little blue worm, wearing a little red scarf around his so called neck. He greeted Sarah...

"Did you say 'Hello'?"
"No I said 'Allo' but that's close enough."

She asked if he knew how to get out of the lane and he said he knew. He said there was a way right in front of her. She went over to the wall and said there was nothing. The worm said...

Everything is not what it seems in this place, so you can't take everything for granted.

When she went through the wall, she found a way out of the lane. First she went left, but the worm said no, so she went right. When she was gone he said...

if she kept on going down that way, she would of went straight to the castle.

Sarah ended up in a stone maze, so she tried to find her way through it.

Mean while, Jareth and his goblins were at his castle. They did a song called "Magic Dance."

When she was trying to get through the stone maze, she used her lipstick to mark which way she was going. But, the brownies (little goblins that lived under the maze) would lift the tiles and switch and flip them. So they were just screwing with her mind.

She finally realized that these browinies were messing with her, so he threw her lipstick and yelled...


Then behind her a voice agreed with her. She wipped around to see who it was. There were two guards right behind her, guarding a door each. (they were Alph and Ralph, Jim and Tim)

They gave her a riddle of what door leads to the caslt at the center of the Labyrinth and another that leads to certain death. So she was figuring out the riddle and she asked a question to Alph and Ralph. When she though (or did) figur eit out, she went through the right door.

When she walked threw it the floor collapsed under her feet and she fell down a hole. She fell and hundreds of hands where grabbing her and holding on to her. Some made hand faces when they talked. They asked her is she wanted to go up or down. She picked down for some strange reason, and so they dropped her into the Oubliette (a room with a door on the top and no other way out. It's juts like a dungeon).

She fell to the dark dirt floor. She sat there while Jareth, and his goblins, watched her from his crystal ball that he had in his hand. He was getting worried of Sarah's progress she was making since she was getting so far. He thought she would have had given up by now because of all the crap she went through so far. But then one of his goblins said she'd never give up. He countered that by saying she would once Hoggle would send her back to the beginning without her know it. They all laughed at the wicked comment he made.

Back at the Oubliette, Sarah was stitting in the dark still. But then all of a sudden she heard a match strike and a candle was lit up. Hoggle stood there in the candle's light. Sarah was astonished that he was there. He said he heard she was in trouble so he came to give her a hand. He knew a way out through a door that was secretly there and led Sarah out of the dark and scary Oubliette.

The door way led to to a place where there were talking rocks telling her to go back amd stuff.


Hoggle just told her to ingore them since they're "false alarms."

You get a lot of those in the Labyrinth, especially if you are going on the right track.

When they walked around a corner, a little begger man was there, with a hood covering their face. He asked what do we have there and Hoggle replied that there was nothing. Jareth took off his disguise and he said...(a well know line in the movie)

Nothing? Nothing? Nothing tra la la?

Jareth was suspecting that Hoggle was helping Sarah through the Labyrinth (that he was). Hoggle lied and said he was taking the "little lady" back to the beginning, just like Jareth ordered him to do. Sarah had no clue he was lying so she was hurt and felt betrayed. Then Jareth saw the plastic bracelet Sarah gave him to bribe Hoggle to help her get as far as he could through the Labyrinth. Jareth said if he was he would drop Hoggle head first in the Bog of Eternal Stench. Hoggle pleeded so he wouldn't do it. Jareth just sort of kicked him to the side and made his way towards Sarah. He asked...

"So Sarah, how are you liking my Labyrinth?"
Sarah replied, "It's a pice of cake!"
Jareth countered back, "Oh really?"

A clock appeared and he moved the time 4 hours ahead.

Sarah exclaimed, "It's not fair!!"
Jareth said calmy, "You say that so often. I wonder what your basis to your comparison is?"

Jareth made a crystal ball appear in his hand a threw it down the dark tunnel. The cleaner appeared and Jareth disapeared. Sarah and Hoggle ran down the tunnel away from the cleaner. When they reached the end, the gate was chained shut. Then on the wall was a way out. theh pushed and pushed against it, and at the last second the wall fell and they went threw it. They were so happy they didn't get caught up with the deadly cleaner. Hoggle saw a ladder and told Sarh to go up it. He explained what the Bog of Eternal Stench was (a big swamp that really stinks. If you fall in it, you'll stink forever.)

They got out the tunnel and climed out of a vase in a hedge maze. Hoggle said this was as far as he could take her, so Sarah thought that was unfair. She took his jewls and she wouldn't get them back. She asked Hoggle which way they should go, but he refused to help.

The old wiseman with the talking hat walked over and sat on the stone, book chair. Sarah approached them and asked if they knew how to get to the castle. The old wise man just babbled on something that was just confusing. The wise man and his talking hat suspected something in return. So she gave thm her ring.

Hoggle and Sarah continued on their journey through the hedge maze, until Hoggle heard a loud howl. Hoggle made like a banana and slip as soon as he heard it. He didn't care if Sarah had his jewls, he just wanted to get away. So Sarah was left all alone. She followed the howling noise and found a big hairy beast, strung up by some goblins from Jareth's castle. The beast howled and howled, and a rock came rolling by her. She picked it up, and threw it at one of the goblins. The rock hit the helmet and it spun around so it couldn't see. Another rock came and she threw it at another goblin. Soon thier whole thing was a total mess so they ran off.

Once they were all gone, Sarah untied the rope and the beast fell down. It thanked Sarah for her help. She asked for its name and it was Ludo. She also asked if he could tell her where the castle was, but Ludo had no clue. So basically Ludo went with Sarah and helped her find the castle.

She and Ludo went through a bit of the Labyrinth together and ended up by two doors with a knocker each. She looked quizically at them and then one told her to quite staring at them (the ring went through it's ear so it couldn't hear so well). She jumped and appologised. She explained that she was wondering which door to choose. Then the other knocker tried to tell her something but the ring was in his mouth. Sarah went over and pulled it out so she could understand him. It explained what to do to go in, but it wasn't sure where the doors lead to. When she wanted to go through the door with the knocker that had the ring in it's mouth, it wouldn't let her put it back in. So when it tried to keep its mouth shut, she plugged it's nose and it was forced to open its mouth because it had to breathe. She forced the ring in, appologised, and knocked on the door and it opened. Sarah and Ludo both went through the door that lead to a dark forest. A couple minutes of walking through it, Ludo suddenly disappeard when she turend her back for a moment. Now she was all alone.

Mean while...

Hoggle was walking somewhere in the labyrinth when Jareth appeared right before him. Jareth asked Hoggle what on earth he was doing. Hoggle lied that he was trying to take the "lil' missy" back to the beginning but she gave him the slip and so he was looking for her so he canfinish his job. So Jareth, being the evil one he is, gave Hoggle a peach to give Sarah. If he didn't give the girl the fruit, Hoggle would be thrown into the Bog of Eternal Stench. Jareth also added that if Sarah kissed Hoggle, he'll turn him into the "Prince of the Bog of Stench." Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?

So Hoggle went on his journey to find Sarah and Jareth dissapeared and I imagine he went back to his throne at his castle.

Sarah was absent mindenly wandering through the forest, trying to find Ludo and getting the hell out of there so she can get Toby back. Then some annoying creatures called Fireys (aka: the Fire Gang) came and started to do all kinds of weird stuff like pulling off their limbs and stuff. Sarah was pretty smart, she ran away from then, but she ended up at a dead end. When she was calling for help, a rope fell down from the stone wall, she looked up, and Hoggle was up there telling her to climb up it. She did what she was told and climbed up the stone wall. When she reached the top, Sarah gave Hoggle a kiss (not good). So when she did that, the floor opened and they slid down this hole that lead to the Bog. Luckly they didn't fall right into it, but they were hanging on a ledge. Hoggle and Sarah helped each other up and they cautously walked on the ledge. But suddenly the ledge crummbled and they fell. I have to say though, today must of been their lucky day beacuse Ludo broke their fall. Sarah was so happy to see her big friendly beast again.

Once they all settled down and figured which way they should go. They spottted a bridge and walked over to it. When they got there, this little dog type creature names Sir Didymus popped up and told them they can't cross it without his permission. So there was this majore rumble with him and Ludo, but at the end Didymus was at a stand still. So Sir Didymus figured:

Let's be brothers hence forth and fight as the power as one!

Ludo rather liked that idea and took to Didymus fairly well. Sarah asked for his permission and went across the bridge. When she was half way over, it broke so she hung from an over hanging branch. Ludo called the rocks and made stepping stones. Sarah let go of the branch, landed on a rock, and jumped to each rock until she got to the other side. Then Ludo, Sir Didymus, and his loyal dog Ambrosius made their way across the rocks. Again they were on their way to the castle.

Jareth was watching Sarah's progress from his small crystal ball with Toby in his arms. He was telling the boy that once Hoggle gave Sarah the apple, she'll forget everything about Toby, her mission to save him, and everything else.

When they were walking to the castle, everyone was getting really hungry. So Hoggle gave Sarah the peach and she thanked him emensly. A few seconds after she bit into the peach, she thought it tasted strange and was getting dizzy.

Sarah asked, "Hoggle, what have you done?"
Hoggle said, "Damn you, Jareth! And damn me too."

Then Hoggle ran off and Sarah stayed behind.

Jareth starting sending 4 little crystal balls towards Sarah. When she saw them she saw people dancing and all that. Then suddenly she was in a ballroom wearing an elegant gown and looking so grown up. She walked around looking for this one stranger that she knew, but she didn't know where. But she would see this guy (Jareth) across the room, and when she would go see him he would dissapear!

Fianlly after a while she found him (actually he found her)and they danced. Near the end she was clicking in that he was the bad guy and she had to get away. So she got away from him and broke the glass bubble.

She fell and fell into the junkyard. She woke up and she threw her worm-infested peach away. Then the junkyard lady yelled at her because Sarah bumped into her. Then she lead the girl into a room that looked like Sarah's room at home. The lady kept on giving stuff to Sarah that she threw away a long time ago. She saw her Labyrinth book and started reading it. Then once she did that everything puzzled together. Sarah threw off teh junk and broke the wall. She climbed up through the wall and up to her friends, Ludo and Sir Didymus. They puller her up and headed to the city gates, which weren't that far away. They went through the first set of the gates, but the second ones closed and made a huge monster. But Hoggle saved them from that.

Once they put that monster at ease they headed into the castle. Everything was all quiet at first, until the guards came and all hell broke loose. The gang headed to a big house with a tower and tried to hide in there until they found out a way to get through the guards and into the castle. Ludo broke through the roof and howled for the rocks. A whole bunch of rocks broke through the city doors and ran over and smashed the guards. Sarah, Ludo, Sir Didymus, and Hoggle made their way to the castle.

They got inside and they only had mintues before the 13th struck. Sarah told her friends she had to face Jareth by herself. They understood and let her go.

She entered the room and there was no up, down, left or right. You couldn't tell! So she saw Toby and she tried to get to him. Then she saw Jareth too. This was pretty hard to get the baby because he could go anywhere but Sarah couldn't. But when she was REALLY close to him, she jumped off this ledge to get him and she fell. She landed gracefully and the escher was gone. Jareth then appeared again telling Sarah that he made this world for her and saying that he was being generous.

Sarah asked, "Generous? What have you done that was generouse?"
Jareth replied, "EVERYTHING! Everything that you have wanted I have done. You asked for the child to be taken and I took him. You coward before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turn the world upside down and I have done it all for you. I'm exhausted for living up to your expectations of me. Isn't that generous?"

Sarah said, "Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered. I have fought my way here to the castle, beyond the goblin city to take back of what you have stolen. My will-"
Jareth inturupted, "Stop! Wait! Look, Sarah. Look what I'm offering you, your dreams."
She added, "And kingdom is as great."
Jareth said, "I ask for so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want."
Sarah said kept on going, "And my kingdom is...Damn! I can never remember that line!"
Jareth added, "Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave!"
Sarah whispered to herfelf, trying to remeber the next line, "My kingdom is as great...My kingdom is as great..."

Sarah stared at Jareth then she remembered the last part.

"You have no power over me!"

Well....I'm just going to leave that hanging. ;-) You can go buy the movie or rent it and see what happens. HA HA! Ain't I so nice?

Did I leave ya wanting more? lol!