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Rin's Labyrinth
Labyrinth Characters


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Main Characters

Jareth: The Goblin King


Played by: David Bowie

You could say that Jareth is the "bad guy" in the movie. Sure he took Sarah's half brother, made her go through the Labyrinth to get Toby (the baby brother), and just make her life a living hell when she was there. But hey, he did it out of love. Well, I say this because if he didn't love her, Jareth wouldn't take Toby when Sarah asked for him to do that, he wouldn't offer her dreams so many times in the whole movie, changed the whole labyrinth just for Sarah, and he dances with her.

I find that Jareth has this sort of evilish look to him becuase of his eyes (I think so any ways), but I also think they're his best, aluring feature. Any way, I think Jareth could be a good guy in this too, since ge sort of did help Sarah in his own way, but in ths movie, he's qualified as the villan.

Sarah: The Young Herione


Played by: Jennifer Connelly

Sarah is the 17 yrs. old heroine in the whole movie. Her mother died, so her father got re-mairried to another lady. Sarah thinks she's the "wicked step-mother. She thinks this because her step-mother makes her always babysit her half baby brother, Toby, thinks Sarah should have a boyfriend at her age, that she shoudl quite acting like a child because she has stuffed animals, dolls, and wears costumes.

Sarah doesn't really liek Jareth like he likes her because since he too Toby and mader her go through a lot of crap to find him, that's kind of made her dislike him. I would hate him a bit too, if I was in her shoes.

Hoggle: The First Friend of Sarah's


Voice: Brian Henson
Puppeteer:Sharpi Weiser and Brian Henson

Hoggle is an old man that helped Sarah get through the Labyrinth. Even though he was suppose to lead the "Little Missy" back to the beginning, he helped Sarah and just did it to despise Jareth. At one point he had to do something awful to her because he was threatend by Jareth if he did, Hoggle would be thrown into the Bog of Eternal Stench and would have to stay there forever. The Bog is the worste thing that Hoggle fears. The thing he had to do was give Sarah a peach that made her forget EVERYTHING about the Labyrinth. So therefore, she wouldn't have the faintest clue why she's there. So after he gave it to her, he was a little torcked at him self and Jareth. But to cancel that all out, he helped Sarah fight their way through the Goblin City (along with Sir Didymus and Ludo); and he was just being a good friend at the end.

Ludo: The Big, Friendly Beast


Voice: Ron Mueck
Puppeteer: Rob Mills and Ron Mueck

Ludo is a big, giant beast that is very friendly and would never hurt a flee! He has a cool abiliy to call rocks and tell them what to do (kind of hard to explain). He uses this to help Sarah out several time throught the movie.

Sir Didymus: The Loyal, Little Knight


Voice: David Shaunghnessy
Puppeteer: David Barclay and Dave Goelz

Sir Didymus is a little fox-dude that is a knight. He has a dog he rides liek a horse. He guards the bridge in the Bog ofo Eternal Stench that Sarah, Hoggle, and Ludo need to cross to get out of there. So Ludo battle Sir Didymus so they could try to get a across, but it ended up as a draw. So he thought it would be a good thing if they became brothers "hence forth" since he has never battle any one that met his mtach and so they could fight as a team. After he gave Sarah his permission to cross the bridge, Didymus joined their badn to help rescue Toby.

There's one flaw with him though, he's WAY too brave for his size (he only about a foot or two high). Once he tried to take on five soldiers of Jareth's arm in the city all by him self! And he tried to take hom Ludo who liek towers over Didymus, and not to mention that he's way stronger too. But you do have to admit, he does have spunk and he' only trying to help Sarah.

Toby: Sarah's Half-Brother


Played By: Toby Froud

Toby is the half-brother of of Sarah. He's really spoiled and winny kid.

Sarah had to get the baby at the Labyrinth because she wished that Jareth would take him away, so she had to get him back before he turned into a goblin on the 13th hour.

Other Characters

The Worm


Voice: Timonthy Bateson
Puppeteer: Karen Prell

The little, blue worm has a little red scarf that is tied around his "neck" and he has a cute British accent too!

He lives in that never ending alley, helped Sarah out by telling her how to get out of the alley. He also told her that everything is not what it seems in the Labyrinth, and she can't take anything for granted.

Alf and Ralph, Jim and Tim


Voices: Anthony Jackson, Douglas Blackwell, David Shaughnessy, Timothy Bateson
Puppeteer: Steven Whitmire, Kevin Clash, Anthony Asbury, Dave Goelz

Alf and Ralph, Jim and Tim are the guards that guard the two doors. One led to the castle at the center of the Labyrinth and the other led to certain death. So, they gave Sarah a riddle and she had to figure out which door is which. And on top of that, one pair always tells the truth and the other always lies.

The Helping Hands: (Do I need to expand from that?)



Well their name says it all! When Sarah went through the door and went through the floor, these helping hands were helping her (no duh). The hands would get together and make faces when one would talk, which was kind of cool. They asked her to go up or down, and she said down so they dropped her into the Oubliette. So they helped her there because they did what she asked.

The Goblins: Jareth's Hench Men


Well...what can I say, they're Jareth's little hench men that help him do his dirty deeds. You could say they play an important part too. Well, they took Toby when Sarah wished that that Goblin King would take him away, they helped looked after the little wipper-snapper, they fought against Sarah and her gang from getting into the castle (but that was unsuccessful), and many other stuff. So I think these guys need a little more credit than we give them. ;-)