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Now lets see how you did and what you are ranked. The scoring works by each question you get right, you get a point, so the highest you can get it 20 pts. Here we go!



Non-Labyrinthian (0-5pts.):

Well, what can I say? I think itís been a while since you see the movie, so you need to brush up on you Labyrinth trivia. Hehe. But if you just watch the movie again a couple times, Iím sure youíd be a full fledged Labyrinthian. ;-)



Half Labyrinthian (5-10pts.):

Youíre making your way up! So you know some stuff about the movie, but youíre not quite sure about some parts. Maybe you didnít really notice some things that an obsessed fan would know. But anyway, you did a pretty good job!



Mostly Labyrinthian (10-15pts.):

Hey! You know quite a bit, but you were quizzical about some questions. I think youíre almost a full fledge Labyrinth Fan!



100% Pure Labyrinthian (15-20pts.):

Hey now! You know you Labyrinth trivia pretty well! I commend you for that. So you are an obsessed Labyrinth fan! Youíre up with all of the details through out the movie. You most likely know all of the words off by heart, huh? Awesome job! Iíll make sure that Sir Didymus will make you one of his loyal knights. ;-)