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04/7/01- I just started this site so everything that you see is updated

04/15/01- I got the main character done in Labyrinth Characters, along with About Me, Contact Me, my Labyrinth Favourites, and now I'll be working on putting in pictures and a summary of the movie

04/16/01- I just got done with putting in pictures in Labyrinth Characters. I got the credits from the movie, I added sound to the homepage (the midi is the beginning title "Underground"). And now I'm still working on the summary

04/18/01- Well...I got some midis and wavs at the Download Area I added a but more to the Summary

04/22/01- I got The Worm and Alf and Ralph, Jim and Tim added to the Characters


04/28/01- I added the "Helping Hands" to the Labyrinth Charatcers and I did some more to the summary. And I put a bunch of pictures through out the site. The ones in the Lyics have something to do with the song (such as the scene). "As The World Falls Down" has Jareth and Sarah in the ballroom scene. "Within You" has Jareth is in the escher scene (you can see a better picture of it in The Movie Script (I think). "Magic Dance" has the scene when Jareth is in his castle with the goblins. "Chilly Down" has the fireys and Sarah in the forest. And "Underground" has a picture of Sarah with her book at the beginning


04/29/01- I have a bunch of the summary done now, but it's still not finished. Keep on checking back to get more of the summary


04/30/01- I have a bit more on the summary now. I'll be working on it for a while so, that might be the only thing i'll update for a while

05/12/01- The last while, I've been adding pictures to the Pictures. Ha ha.

05/13/01- I have Pictures done, and now I made a place that if you have drawings that have something to do with the movie

05/16/01- Hey! I added a place where you, the fans, can subsmit your Fan Fics. I also made a place for the one I'm working on, but it's not there yet. All I need is you people to send teh Fani Fics and we'll be set

05/17/01- I just added a new place, Hidden Faces. There are 5 of them that are in the movie. They look like Jareth's face. See if you can find them

05/28/01- I know have a quiz for all of you people so you can test your memory and see how much you really know about the movie.

06/04/01- I added a few things here and there if you look around

06/17/01- I started to write a summary to my story "Once Forgotten" since I haven't put the story its self on this site. I just started to fix the proofreading mistakes on the computer, so I will have on here pretty soon. But for now you'll just have to read the summary (what I have of it now).

07/03/01- My story is FINALLY on here! YAY! About time huh? ;-) I hope you enjoy it. Keep in mind it's not done yet either, so suspect more updates from it this summer. I also have a poem that goes with the story too. I hoe you enjoy them both

07/06/01- I added some info on the "Labyrinth" DVD

07/16/01- I updated my story again! Yippie!!! Also, I updated some of the summary of the movie."

07/22/01- The Download Area and Pictures were worked on a LOT. In the Download Area I have a movie clip where Ludo is calling the rocks when they're at the Goblin City and I have a bunch of new WAVs for you guys to listen to! In Pictures I added more pictures and got rid of the commentarty I had under them

08/17/01- I'm trying to add some avi files on here, but it's taking longer than suspected. I got one on so far and it's the whole ball scence. Go to Download Area to get it

08/26/01- I added another video on Download Area and finished the summary! YAY! And how many months did it take me to finish it

09/01/01- I fixed some stuff on here; made pics smaller, fixed mistakes, etc. You know, the usual

09/02/01- I deleted some pages that doesn't need to be there. I'm running out of room, so I have to cut back a bit (which sucks

09/25/01- I have an update to my story...AKA: I wrote some more. Sorry it took such a long time, but I had writers' block for two months. But it crumbled it's ALL GOOD

10/05/01- More updates to my story.

10/11/01- check out my story to see what I added.